About me

A journalist for the Belgian Public Broadcaster VRT. My work is mostly focussed on investigative news reports regarding politics and human interest stories in the Middle East, but also the migration crisis in Europe.

An active media trainer on social media and verification at the EBU Academy.

My documentaries have been broadcasted in Belgium and abroad. 

Born in Dubai, schooled in different countries, graduated in Belgium.


Belgian citizen. Arab heritage. Palestinian heart.

You can talk to me in English, Arabic, Dutch or French.

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Arabische Liefde (2014)

Arabische Liefde: A Documentary series of five episodes, for the Belgian channel Canvas. A book based on the series was published in Belgium. More: http://www.earthinmotion.eu/portfolios/arabische-liefde/

Reis naar Marokko (2014)

Reis naar Marokko: a documentary for the Belgian channel Canvas. It was broadcasted early summer 2014. More: http://www.earthinmotion.eu/portfolios/reis-naar-marokko/

Stateless (2012)

STATELESS: a documentary for the Belgian channel Canvas. It was broadcasted in two episodes, part of the TV-series Vranckx. More: http://www.earthinmotion.eu/portfolios/stateless/

What Happened in The Tent (2018)


training albania.jpg

I Offer training on

  • OSINT for investigative journalists

  • SOCIAL MEDIA activism by refugees

  • SOCIAL MEDIA activism by terror organisations

  • SOCIAL MEDIA verification in the newsroom.

Winner Liberales Book Prize 2017

HERBOREN (2017) - Winner Liberales Book Prize 2017, Belgium:

In this book I speak to the new refugees who arrived in Europe the past years during the largest refugee crisis since World War 2. I also speak to the Belgian citizen through a vibrant discussion on what integration means in Belgium. This is how I started a new life after migrating to Belgium in 2003. From arriving to the refugee center with no money, degree, language or a job to becoming a Belgian citizen and a journalist in the largest media organization of the country.





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