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About me

As a journalist at the Belgian Public Broadcaster VRT, I have had the privilege of producing many investigative news reports and human interest stories in Belgium, Europe and the Middle East. While my work has been widely recognized, I am always striving to improve and learn more in my craft.

Many Belgians know me as the author behind the award-winning book "Herboren”, a testimony on migration and the topic of integration in Belgium. The book gave me the chance to stand on many stages in cities and villages across Belgium, and to engage in meaningful conversations and discussions on these important issues.

In addition to my journalistic pursuits, I am also a media trainer, sharing my knowledge and experience to assist news and media organizations and institutions in implementing the latest methods of investigative reporting and social media outsourcing and verification.

My diverse background and connection to the Middle-East enhances my work and provides me with a unique perspective. Being able to connect with people from different cultures is a valuable asset in today's globalized society.

Whether you're an organization seeking to enhance your media presence or an institution in need of media training or consultation, I am dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. 

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