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Arabische liefde (VRT, 2014):

Imagine a world where everyone starts a relationship with someone from a different culture, ethnicity, or religion. Could this be the solution to the conflicts and misunderstandings in our multicultural and globalized world? Find out in this documentary series directed by Majd Khalifeh and Senne Dehandschutter.

Reis naar Marokko (VRT, 2014)

A documentary by Majd Khalifeh and Senne Dehandschutter that follows three generations of a Flemish-Moroccan family as they embark on a traditional summer trip to Morocco. The film also delves into the story of 50 years of Moroccan migration to Belgium, exploring the perspectives and feelings of both the family in Morocco and Belgium. We follow the family on their journey from Hasselt to Tanger, encountering a variety of opinions and perspectives on migration along the way.

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what happened in the tent.jpeg

What Happened in The Tent (The Redhorse Collective, 2018)

A documentary by Majd Khalifeh and Roel Nollet, exploring the inner power of circus to connect people across borders. The film follows an exchange project between two circus schools, one in the Palestinian West Bank and one in Molenbeek, Belgium, bringing together two groups of young people from vulnerable backgrounds. Each group has its own story about the way they are perceived by others, but they use circus as a way to bend the negativity, violence, and discrimination they face into a constructive project. They discover that art can be an effective and alternative way of resistance. The film raises the question of how the circus can change their world.

Andere Ogen (VRT, 2022)

This podcast delves into themes that impact Belgium and the world today through conversations with guests Oksana, Mohammed, Efrem, Margaretha, and Nancy. They candidly share their experiences on poverty, climate crisis, sport, sexual freedom, and the war in Ukraine. The opportunity to collaborate with these amazing individuals and hear their perspectives and stories is greatly appreciated. Heartfelt gratitude is extended to them for their trust and participation in this project. The hope is to make a difference and contribute to a better understanding of these important issues.

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Northern Lights at The End Of the Tunnel (VRT, The Redhorse Collective, 2023)

Iceland, the most sparsely populated country in Europe, is receiving more and more refugees. People from Syria, Palestine, Venezuela and Ukraine suddenly find themselves just below the North Pole. How is the country dealing with the influx? And how does it feel for a refugee to set foot on frozen ground? - A documentary by Majd Khalifeh and Roel Nollet. 

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